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Transforming Waste into Opportunity

Published May 12, 24
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Kubik stands at the forefront of environmental innovation, upcycling 5,000 kg of plastic waste each day into sustainable building materials. With a mission aimed at tackling both environmental conservation and revolutionizing construction practices, Kubik exemplifies a new era in urban development. Recent injections of funding have boosted their capabilities, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with recycled materials in the building sector.


The goals of Kubik are both ambitious and essential: to reduce global plastic waste significantly while proving that sustainable building materials are not only viable but necessary.

The Science Behind Kubik's Success

Kubik's proprietary technology redefines recycling by converting hard-to-recycle plastic waste into high-quality building materials. This breakthrough addresses a crucial gap in conventional recycling methods, which typically overlook difficult-to-process plastics.


The resulting materials excel in durability while being economically advantageous compared to standard construction materials. This unique angle not only promotes sustainability but also introduces a new paradigm in constructing affordable housing, making Kubik a pivotal player in environmental and economic sustainability.

Celebrating Kubik’s Achievements

Kubik has garnered international acclaim, earning multiple awards for its innovative approach to upcycling plastic waste. The enterprise recently received a significant eco-innovation award, highlighting its role as a climate tech leader especially within the African continent. This recognition serves as confirmation of its path-breaking environmental initiatives, propelling the startup onto a global stage.


Recognition by renowned environmental bodies just enhances Kubik's determination to scale up their operations, reinforcing its mission to lead the fight against plastic pollution globally through innovative recycling technologies.

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Impact on Affordable Housing

By integrating recycled plastics into building materials, Kubik is not only protecting the environment but also pioneering affordable housing solutions. This approach enables the construction of homes that are both affordable and sustainable, addressing major global challenges head-on. The potential savings in terms of cost and resources could reshape the affordable housing market, offering a beacon of hope for low-income families worldwide.


Utilizing upcycled materials reduces dependency on traditional, costlier resources and demonstrates a financially viable model that could be replicated to scale not just in Africa but globally. Through Kubik's efforts, sustainable living becomes not just a concept, but a practical reality for thousands of individuals.

The Road Ahead for Kubik

Kubik's ambition goes beyond current achievements with plans to diversify its product range and further its reach within and outside Africa. The vision includes scaling operations into new markets, particularly in Ethiopia, where the demand for sustainable building materials is rapidly growing due to urban expansion.


The strategy for growth involves forming new alliances, developing innovative solutions, and boosting output. These efforts aim to meet the rising global demand for eco-friendly construction materials and uphold high standards of sustainability and equity in the building sector.

In fostering a broader adoption of its technology, Kubik also plans to license its pioneering recycling processes to other countries, promoting a global movement towards sustainable construction practices. This not only demonstrates Kubik’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also encourages a worldwide shift towards greener building technologies.

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Kubik's journey from a visionary startup to a leader in sustainable construction is enhancing our world, one kilogram of recycled plastic at a time. - Sustainable Packaging Materials: Winning Solutions

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